2020 in Review — A year of trying new things.

Tech meets with Kings

A short video clip with the Ooni of Ife
From left to right: Myself, My grandma (Mama Diaspora), Bro (Maxwell) and the Ooni of ife
Facilitators at the NextGen Summer Bootcamp
Top online news platform my name and project were featured on.
Audience favourite vote

Online Certifications

Speaking Conference

  • Delegate, Africa Early Stage Investor Summit (#AESIS2020): This year the annual ‘for investors, by investors’ event brought together different Africa’s early-stage investor community from around Africa which was fully virtual.
  • Participant, Startup school by TheBulb Africa: One of my Startups, Music Hangout got in into the academy for a comprehensive 8-week virtual training where different founders like me learnt the art and science of problem-solving, design thinking, business development as well as the leadership skills needed to help scale fast.
  • Black Product Manager — The Black Product Managers (BPM) Network is a community of diverse product leaders who are passionate about advancing in their careers and increasing representation. The majority of BPM members reside in San Francisco and New York.
  • Eko Innovation Product School
  • Tons of different online meetings, webinars and conferences where I leant and met different people from around the world

Challenges Faced

  • I hardly had time to eat and sleep well. Most time I get to forget that have not eaten due to long hours of work. My sleep was a bit affected because I was combining work with other activities all day and night.
  • Became broke at some point when I left my job and was spending money on some of my startup idea.
  • I felt like giving up at different point in time when things seems not to be making sense.
  • Had some issues managing and collaborating with some team effectively for a while at some point since most of them are not used to remote working.
  • I sometimes felt lonely and isolated at some point since I had less physical interaction with people because of Covid and social distancing .


  • My Family: Dad, Mum and Siblings (am really grateful for having them) where all in good health in this year.
  • I enjoyed grace, favour protection and provision.
  • I made new friends and partners
  • I had a girlfriend and got my first kiss.
  • Built a couple of projects for some companies
  • I learnt a lot about startups, investors and building of great product

What I Am Grateful For

  • I am grateful for the different teams I got the chance to work with — Team Locksley, Music Hangout, NextGen. Thanks for the amazing works and achievement made. I’m super proud and grateful for everyone.
  • Grateful for protection, abundance, Good health and right connections.
  • Grateful for every personal and collective successes
  • The gift of family and friendships. I spent months with my family. Thanks to Covid and the lockdown.
  • I gained a lot friends this year and I am so grateful for everyone of them.
  • I am grateful to God for my life and all the things he has given to me.

What I am Not Proud Of

  • Got a couple of rejection emails from top companies i’d have love to work with.
  • Didn’t read as much books i’d have love to.
  • Didn’t let go of somethings.
  • Was too hard on myself because of little mistakes.
  • I over worked myself and took less care of myself.

2021: What’s the Plan?

Solution driven| Lover of Technology and Innovation | Quick Learner.

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Ezekiel Adeyinka

Ezekiel Adeyinka

Solution driven| Lover of Technology and Innovation | Quick Learner.

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